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S.2B XX888 - Tim Jones, Barnstaple, Devon

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Buccaneer S.2B XX888 at Barnstaple, October 2008; Anthony Lee / Blackburn Buccaneer Society

XX888 is in a pretty good condition with only the Machmeter missing from the cockpit along with the refuelling probe. It has had a repaint started ("Gulf War" colours) at its previous home in Dundonald but has now moved on to a new owner in Barnstaple; Tim intends to carry out a full restoration. Since 2009, XX888 has been chopped right through the bottom of the cockpit section, unfortunately the cut doesn't seem to have been done with much care or sympathy. XX888 has also apparently been up for sale a few years back and sadly we don't currently know what the future holds for this nose section.

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