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MDC test rig Unknown - Privately owned, Kent

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Buccaneer MDC test rig Unknown at Bruntingthorpe, March 3rd 1998; Damien Burke

Finally, when is a Buccaneer not a Buccaneer? When it's an MDC test rig of course! This Buccaneer nose section was used in the development of the Miniature Detonating Cord system; this is the wavy line you see in the canopies of Buccaneers, Hawks, Harriers and Tornados. Basically an explosive cord that shatters the canopy just before the ejector seat fires, it makes ejection much safer as the seat no longer has to punch through the canopy. The idea was introduced by Blackburns/Hawker Siddeley and they used this rig to test the concept - judging from the shape of the end of the nose, this rig was propelled along a test track while the MDC was detonated and perhaps even seats fired through the remains of the canopy.

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