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S.2B XX901 - Buccaneer Aircrew Association, Yorkshire Air Museum, Elvington, North Yorkshire

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Buccaneer S.2B XX901 at Elvington, 26th October 2013; Francis Wallace

Going back to the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington and their second Buccaneer, we find XX901, another Granby veteran, and also an Operation Pulsator veteran too (the flag-flying operations over Beirut in 1983). Since coming under the museum's care she has been repainted in her gulf war scheme (though as a fresh paint job, it does look too clean and consistent). The original artist who did the nose-art for XX901 during the war even came back to do it again, so Kathryn, the Flying Mermaid lives once more! By 2005 she was looking pretty faded (and ironically a little more authentic as a result), but she's since had another repaint by Andre Tempest which has returned her her previously clean and shiny appearance as you can see.

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