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Supermarine Scimitar - Survivor XD317

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F.1 XD317 - Fleet Air Arm Museum, Yeovilton, Somerset

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Scimitar F.1 XD317 at Fleet Air Arm Museum, 3rd November 2021; Jake Wallace

Simitar XD317, one the FAAM decided to keep!

Delivered to Lossiemouth on November 11th, 1959, entered service with 807 NAS on February 23rd 1960. Spent some time in storage with the AHU and RNAY Fleetlands from June 1961 to February 12th 1962, when it re-entered service with 807 NAS. More time was spent with the AHU from June that year until re-entering service with 736 NAS on November 28th. Moving to 800 NAS on January 14th 1963 it gained the markings it is seen in here, and flew with them until February 1964 when it went back to storage. In January 1966 XD317 was back in service, this time with the Royal Aircraft Establishment where its role was research until November when it was transferred to the FRU at Hurn. It spent most of its flying career there, returning to the RAE in August 1969, and finally being retired to RNAS Yeovilton and delivered to the Fleet Air Arm Museum in September 1969.

XD317 is still in excellent condition, complete with engines and positioned opposite a Phantom on the deck of the museum's Carrier exhibition, the wings are folded to save space and she's in the colours of 800 NAS as she was in 1963 onboard HMS Ark Royal.

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