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Fairey Gannet - Survivor 105 (AS-05)

AS.4 105 - Bumi Moro Naval Academy, Surabaya, Indonesia

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Gannet AS.4 105 at Surabaya, 2nd August 2017; Henk Hirs

AS-05 (now marked '105') was put into production as an AS.1 for the Royal Navy but was instead refurbished as an AS.4 (possibly using components from several different airframes) and then delivered to Indonesia, after initial aircrew training at Fairey's base at White Waltham. Entering service in 1960 or 1961, the Indonesian Navy had no carriers so operated Gannets from shore bases, mostly on coastal recce.

The plaque in front of her explains what type of aircraft she was and that she was actively involved in the Trikora and Dwikora operations during the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation in the mid 1960s (presumably mostly keeping an eye on Dutch submarines?). With Indonesia's aggressive acts in this time, UK support was soon withdrawn and by 1971 all of their Gannets had been retired through lack of spares.

She is now on display at the Bumi Moro Naval Academy, and has had intermittent care over the years. She's relatively complete, though the cockpit canopies are not fully closed so the interior is probably in poor condition. Her paintwork is faded and peeling in places but she looks pretty solid otherwise.

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