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Fairey Gannet - Survivor XL450

AEW.3 XL450 - Luftwaffenmuseum, Hermeskeil, Germany

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Gannet AEW.3 XL450 at Hermeskeil, 20th October 2016; Richard E Flagg

XL450 appears to be in excellent condition and is supposedly at Hermeskeil for maintenance, having moved from Mönchengladbach for this purpose. However the aircraft was at Hermeskeil on display for some time and has not returned to it's previous location. It has been repainted some years ago and the canopy has, for some reason, been replaced by a custom-made item of the wrong shape, with flat sides and only a slight curve on top instead of the large bubble canopy normally seen.

Otherwise the airframe still seems to be in good shape today.

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