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S.2B XV863 - Privately owned, Weston Aerodrome, Dublin, Eire

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Buccaneer S.2B XV863 at Weston Aerodrome, 14th March 2016; Francis Wallace

Above is XV863, RAF Lossiemouth's previous gate guard, a gulf veteran (nose art - 'Debbie, Sea Witch'). Removed from the gate where she had been on display since 1993 (complete with ALQ-101 ECM pod, LGB and Pave Spike pod), she has been replaced by a Tornado. Acquired by a private buyer, she was transported to Dublin in late August 2007 and then to Weston Aerodrome, where she was reassembled in short order.

Rumour had it that she was destined for a local museum; however, she never moved from the airfield and with the business running the airfield having been liquidated, she was put up for sale!

The airframe was never able to be sold and still remains at Weston Aerodrome to this day. Although she is rather complete, including engines, XV863 is showing a lot of corrosion in places due to being sat at Lossiemouth for years in the salty sea air. The picture above shows her looking a bit unloved back in early 2016.

Since the photo was taken, XV863 has been moved to the other end of the airfield where she will finally be put on display...!

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