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Blackburn Buccaneer - Survivor XV333

S.2B XV333 - Fleet Air Arm Museum, (stored), RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset

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Buccaneer S.2B XV333 at Fleet Air Arm Museum, 3rd November 2021; Jake Wallace

XV333 made her first flight in December 1966 and was delivered to the Royal Navy in 1967. Once the Royal Navy had finished with the Buccaneers XV333 was transferred to the Royal Air Force in November 1978, and was repainted in overall camouflage colours.

The airframe made its final flight into RNAS Yeovilton on the 23rd March 1994 for display at the Fleet Air Arm Museum. XV333 was resprayed back into the Royal Navy colours and got put undercover in the Carrier exhibition alongside Buccaneer S.1 XN957. This makes the Fleet Air Arm Museum the only place in the world where you can see a Buccaneer S.1 and S.2B side by side! The museum also has the Buccaneer prototype - NA.39 XK488 which is currently in storage in Cobham Hall. One day, hopefully, we will be able to see all three next to each other on display!

XV333 is in prestine condition! Once landed in 1994, she was put undercover and never touched, resulting in her being in the great condition that she is in - she is even still dripping oil on the floor to this day.

In 2022, the Carrier exhibition was refurbished. Sadly, it seems XV333 was one of the few aircraft to leave the Carrier exhibition for storage. Hopefully, she won't be hidden away for too long!

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