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S.2 XV361 - Ulster Aviation Society, Long Kesh (stored), Lisburn, Northern Ireland

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Buccaneer S.2 XV361 at Ulster Aviation Society, 26th October 2019; Nathan Lawrence

XV361 first flew in 1968 and was delivered to the Royal Navy later that year. Once the Royal Navy had finished with the Buccaneers, XV361 was then transferred to the Royal Air Force in 1978. The aircraft then ended its flying career with 208 Sqn in 1994 and was sold by the MoD to Ulster Aviation Society. The aircraft made its 'final landing' at RAF Aldergrove in Belfast with the plan to move XV361 by road to UAS, until somebody pointed out all the trees en-route which would mean dismantling the airframe for a road move. The decision was then made for a final flight from RAF Aldergrove to Langford Lodge, it was a record-breaking short flight of just 92 seconds! The airframe was well looked after a Langford Lodge for 10 Years but in 2004 the UAS' lease was terminated. After much effort, UAS identified a new location with a couple of stays of execution, they hung on until 2006 when XV361 was moved by road to one of the old WWII hangars at the former Long Kesh airfield (better known to many as the site of infamous Maze Prison and its "H blocks").

XV361 is in very good condition with its hydraulic systems exercised every now and then (Undercarriage, wings, arrestor hook, etc.) which was first achieved in 2002 by the UAS team.

Today, you can only visit Ulster Aviation Society by appointment only.

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