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XL318 - Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, North London

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Vulcan B.2 XL318 at Hendon, 8th March 2003; author

The RAF Museum's Vulcan B.2, XL318 (above) dominates the museum's On Target Hall (formerly the Bomber Command Hall). Unfortunately it's very difficult to take a decent picture of her because she's hemmed in on all sides by various other exhibits, even down to having a biplane parked under her port wing! The refuelling probe is a matter of inches away from the wall, which gives you an idea of how carefully they had to position the beast. Unfortunately to transport the aircraft to the museum they had to cut her up, though she's been put back together very well and you can hardly see the joins. This also made her the only Vulcan to ever have been disassembled and put back together again.

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