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XR755 - Ernie Marshall, near Callington, Cornwall

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Lightning F.6 XR755 at Callington, 13th February 2006; Nick Semmens

XR755 was built as an F.3 and first flew in July 1965. She served with 5 Squadron initially and was converted to an F.6 in 1967, returning to the Squadron in 1968. By 1983 she was with 11 Squadron.
XR755 was one of four Lightnings purchased after retirement to be put back in the air at Exeter. When that plan fell through, she moved to Ernie's garden. She's painted in 11 Squadron markings but needs a repaint - the existing colours are badly faded. Her engines are not fitted but otherwise she looks to be in good condition, and is one of a handful of Lightnings displayed with overwing tanks (hers appearing to have come from XS922 judging by the markings on the side).

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