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XR538 - Heritage Aircraft Ltd. (flyer, Gnat Display Team), North Weald, Essex

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Gnat T.1 XR538 at Shoreham, 22nd August 2009; author

First flown on 21st June 1963 and serving exclusively with 4 FTS, XR538 ended her career by being withdrawn to the care of 5 MU at Kemble in November 1978. Delivered to RAF Halton as instructional airframe 8621M in March 1979, she was disposed of in the 1990s and acquired by Rory McCarthy (hence the registration of G-RORI). Initially wearing a black and yellow scheme, she has changed hands several times in the ensuing years and while with Delta Jets from 2002 to 2005 was restored to a beautifully accurate rendition of her 4 FTS colours of the mid 1970s. Currently owned by Swept Wing Ltd. and based at North Weald (the UK centre of Gnat flying - all the flyers are based there), she is still a regular airshow performer, usually in a formation routine with XS111 as the Gnat Display Team.

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Frank Quigley from thailand

Postd at 7:08am on Saturday, January 25th, 2014

I flew several time is XR538 at RAF Valley back in 1971/72 and would love to do the same again, or at least sit in it.
I flew with FLtlt Derek Fitzsimmonds and Capt. Tracha (US exchange pilot) also fltlt Davies. I cannot recall the others.

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